FTVGirls Dakota Masturbates with Magic Wand

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FTVGirls Dakota

Wet Self-Exploration
49 minutes of HD Video
Pretty In The Blue Dress
129 High Resolution Photos
The Ex-Cheerleader
53 High Resolution Photos
Stretching In The Nude
81 High Resolution Photos
Pink Penetration
56 High Resolution Photos

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  • Videographer/Photographer’s Comments: On day two, we see her in my favorite dress she had brought with her, and the cute sandals she wore the day before. In the outtake video further down, she had just bought the sexy heels you see she’s got in her hands. Believe it or not, she’s never worn heels before…

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  • Comments from the members area BURT LOVE THOSE LONG LABIA!!!!!!!!!!! Greg Adding peeing scenes over the past few months has been awesome. Get me so hard! scottydawg Rob, she is so cute and sassy, she deserves her own site. Like Allison and Lia had! Harley is a bundle of wild free spirit! Steven She is…

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