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Kara has been one of those girls who debated shooting adult for over a year now, and she finally took the plunge, starting with FTV. Flying in from New Mexico, she is starting her adult carreer with this site, and in person, I got to know a rather smart, witty, and energetic woman, let alone super sexy. She had sent these photos: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 which shows how pretty her smile is, and how nice a figure she’s got underneath the clothes. I wanted her sexiest form fitting dress to start the shoot, and sexy heels to go with it — and I wanted somewhere classy outdoors to present her. The arts center brought out her energy, even though she was a bit nervous about the public nudity. I got some really nice photos, as well as upskirt and butt shots. Her body is flawless, with legs and thighs that show now imperfections in the bright light… and some nice firm near-c’s. Supposedly she lost quite a bit of weight because of a gall bladder issue, and her breasts were bigger — but no doubt that leggy form is super erotic. Back home we really get to see that body up close, her clit is always prominent, and her breasts are best seen exposed. She had her own vibrator, and I put the camera on tripod, so she would be comfy for her first masturbation. She gets to orgasm rather quickly, and you can clearly see the vaginal contractions right after she starts rubbing with her fingers. It was only later that I realized that this girl comes really easily, and it doesn’t take much vibration or time to get her off. When she gets into doggy position, her form totally draws you in. We get extreme closeups of her private parts, and some gaping, as well as her tasting herself for the first time. She kept talking about how she prefers guys who are bigger, so I didn’t hesitate and brought in the Big Ten Toy right away. It was bigger than any guy she’s had, but I considered her capable. She rides it, and does it surprisingly deep, taking it down to nearly the base, and fucks herself in missionary until she’s somewhat sore. Though many girls you’ve seen get aggressive sexually on camera, this girl was smarter about it, and would flirt when I wasn’t recording. It was around this time where she started becoming really demanding about having sex. But that is another story… I subdue her with the Magic Wand toy, and she’s so sensitive down there that it brings her to orgasm in under a minute. Not only that, she ends up squirting too, and I find out it was her first squirt of her life. I have her spread her butt cheeks as they are wet with her squirt, and I think its time for some anal. She hadn’t played with herself anally before, but she had had anal sex a few times. We start with fingers, then have her try a smaller toy. Notice how tight her butt wraps around it as she pulls it out (and some good butt gaping afterwards). We go for a lunch break, and while I get upskirt views, we get a very interesting story about her and PornHub regarding her at 15. Whether you guys who watch this care or not, these tube sites are a scourge for the adult industry, and they think (and in a way they are) above the law. I attempted to have her do a peeing scene, but she was too pee-shy (sorry pee fans). Its rare to see a girl in stockings/lingerie, but she had her own, and with her kind of legs, it looks incredibly sexy in white. In person, it was extremely arousing, and especially so since she would get flirty off camera. After teasers, she masturbates again (the pink toy didn’t work with her but the purple did) to another strong orgasm. Ah… its nice when a girl has flawless skin and no tattoos. She said that she didn’t get tattoos because her mom has many, and she went against the grain as she did not like what she saw. Speaking of which, she also a healthy kind of girl, who avoided drugs and smoking — and stayed in shape by working out. On day two you see her active side…

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