Her name is Whitney. She is 19. Her face looks so sweet from some points of view. But her ass is always great from all the sides! She had with her a lot of clothes and dresses for the shot. But every time she wear some clothes she had to take it off. Because this is FTV Girls! Totally 421 photos & 104 minutes of HD video with her. Subscribe & Download!


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Her name is Keisha, she is young and hot girl with a great figure as I like! Not slim, not the fat ones, big petite ass and boobs. Keisha is 19 years old. Now she is a pornstar. Her height: 5’4", her figure: 34D-26-38. In the members area with her:
448 photos & 102 minutes of HD videos. In this update:
-> Public Nudity
-> Massage(Hard): Breast, Butt
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As you can see, a lot of naughty fun recorded on video. Watch it!


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Hello guys & girl! Our favorite website just updated and I ‘m ready to share with you some photos & videos of the recent teen FTV girl Lauren. This young girl has a really slim figure with small beautiful breasts. Her measurements: 34B-23-34. FTV Lauren is only 18 and she has her first time experience on FTV Girls.
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Meet FTV girl Jeri. In her update in the members area I’ve seen and was really shocked: Public Nudity, Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy, Massage(Hard): Breast, Butt, Squirting, Ball Stuffing, Extreme Closeups, Nipple Stretching, Other Stuffing, Water Hose Stuffing, Water Squirting, Vagina Gaping Closeups, Foot Fetish Scenes, Panty Stuffing, Extreme Fisting, FTV Monster Toy.


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I’ve just watched archives in the FTV members area and seen this beautiful, really sweet teen girl FTV Riley, 20 years old. This girl had already been reviewed here, on FTV Magic, make sure to visit the other Riley’s post here: FTV Girl Riley: 110% Cute (March 2012) with great free photos! Riley has a great teen body with small tits, accurate pussy, small feet. Her figure: 34B-24-34. Riley is full of life, you can see it in her amazing naked dance video scene (I will post it here streaming below). Also I have read all her text she wrote for this update (take a look below) and you know what? She is so cute but such a slut! :) Also FTV videographer called one of her video “Total FTV Girl”. In her update total photos: 302. Total videos: 90 minutes. Subscribe FTV and download.

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FREE STREAMING FTV VIDEOS INSIDE! Two cute teen girls here on FTVmagic. They are Alaina & Aurielee. One of them already has an update here: FTV Girl Aurielee: Bubble Butt 18. And you rated her well. So here is she with her friend in lesbian action shot. These girls are very hot! Both girls have nice figures and sweet faces. This episode features:
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Beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, amazing girl Lacie on FTV Girls. This update was released on December 13, 2013, Friday. FTV Lacie is 18 years old, but she looks a bit older… and sexy than other girls of her age. Her height: 5’9". Her figure: 36C-25-36. Sweet face, great body! This beautiful teen girl has her first time experience on FTV girls. But she goes extreme! I like this cute girl… So there will be a lot of photos and videos inside this post!

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You know what? I was checking the members area for a new FTV Magic update and decided that you should see what I see. First of all FTV Girls – is a video site. And it is all about teens masturbating to orgasm… And also about girl-girl action. So standard video page looks this way:


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Hello, guys. Its me again, with a new FTV girl, the freshest one. Her name is Marlie and she has her really first time experience on FTV in her 18. Her height: 5’9", her figure: 36B-25-35. In the members area you can find 176photos and 60 minutes of crystal clear HD video:
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FTV Marlie’s Comments: “So I’m doing this, I want to have fun doing it, but I don’t want my parents to find out! They are waaaaay too conservative and my Irish dad would have a total fit. They think I’m in California staying at a friends place. Like I said on the video I’m doing this because I want to make some money but also I like posing in front of the camera. I’ve done a few modelmayhem gigs but nothing that involved nudity. Some of the modelmayhem photographers will ask me to get naked for pictures even when I was still underage! In Portland its all about pot and I enjoy smoking it all the time. I even got a tattoo of the leaf under my breast. Small though, don’t worry I’m not going to get giant tattos plastered on my body! I don’t masturbate really, and I haven’t had sex for a few months, but it doesn’t mean I don’t like being a sexual person. Its just that usually I enjoy it more when I’m high. My parents know about my pot smoking but they don’t do anything about it and I’m appreciative of it!”.

Meet FTV Girl Marlie:


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Videos inside this publication! Such a cute girl, most recent FTV teenager with sweet face and great figure. Meet FTV Eliana. She is 21 years old, she has her first time experience on FTV and she swear she has never been masturbated before. Eliana is 5’4", her measurements: 34B-25-35.
On her page in the FTV members area there is 7.8 Gb of HD video and 353 high resolution photos available for downloading. In her update:
-> Public Nudity: Park
-> Masturbation:  Orgasm w/Toy
-> Massage(Hard):  Breasts, Butt
-> Video of Photoshoot
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