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Just turned 18, FTVGirls Dakota is a beautiful, petite cheerleader from high school who is breaking out into an adult for the first time through FTV, and Dakota definitely is a sexual teen! We first meet this gorgeous and innocent teen at a popular tourist destination as FTVGirls Dakota introduces herself, and we see she’s wearing a cute dress. We get upskirt teasers, and as her panties drop (matches her sandals!) FTVGirls Dakota shows off her butt, which is full, firm, and flawless! FTVGirls Dakota then starts touching herself, turning herself on, before going home to masturbate. Notice when FTVGirls Dakota has her orgasm, she has very strong vaginal contractions and gets dripping wet! FTVGirls Dakota can get off with only her fingers, which is nice. FTVGirls Dakota fingers herself, bringing out her wetness and tasting it…

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  • Comments from the members area robuk Beautiful girl. Sometimes when I see these girls I wish there was a scene right at the end where the girl gave a blowjob and she either swallowed,facial or cum on tits..purely her choice and purely if she wanted to end the shoot like that,if she didn’t should be…

  • FTVGirls Videographer/Photographer’s Comments Dani is a mixed beauty, which on first sight, might seem to be half African-American, half white; but she’s actually a mix of American Indian and European. When she sent me these photos: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5#6 (in the members area), I remarked at how slim/firm/athletic her body looked, and her amazing…

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    FTV Girls Melody I feel as if FTV members have seen me grow so much since my very first adult video. I’ve become bolder, happier and I dare say even prettier. All of my teenage acne has finally gone away! Thank goodness for that haha! My skin has cleared to the point where I was…

  • FTV Girls Comments We went out on location for a quick running shoot, though it was rather cold that morning, and found ourselves in a back area where she could truly get naked, and eventually demonstrate some of the yoga she does as part of her fitness routine. Of course, I get all the good…

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    FTV Girls Jasmine Hello!! Again. Lol So today was fun and I really hope you guys like it because it was cool to finally shoot for sure. My favorite part was probably those bigger toys for sure. I don’t rub my clit or masturbate much but I do have sexy so I guess I like…

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  • FTV Videographer/Photographer’s Comments Yana was born here, in the US, but her parents are from the Czech Republic. When I initially talked to her, I was expecting an Eastern European accent, but as you can see, she has the bubbly english voice. Her parents know of her modeling, and according to her, are ‘sort of…

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  • FTV Girls Comments On the second half of the day, we dared venture outside again, even though it was over 110 degrees. Heat has been rather excessive this month, and Charlotte was lucky enough to have just missed it on her shoot. We headed to a park which was pretty empty (because of the heat!) and…

  • COMMENTS FROM THE MEMBERS AREA Thirsty Nobody is cuter. So pretty. OMG Paisley is so horny. That’s a very good thing. What a lovely person. Jay This woman is gorgeous and has an amazing body. From these pictures, it looks like she could handle some anal. I would love to see another shoot for her….

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