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Sometimes people think I’m Asian or half Asian but I’m not at all. I’m Puerto Rican and Brazilian. In fact, my mom is very pale skinned and my dad has the freckles I got from him. My dad is tall my mom is short but somehow I’m shorter than both of them! Well because I’m petite I ended up doing cheerleading in middle school and high school and I was the flyer. I did get some injuries though from falling so after 10th grade I stopped doing it. It’s also when I really got into boys anyway and I think I spent more time with them than after-school sports. Well, what was nice about doing this website to get started I got to try vibrators that I’ve never done before and they are incredible! I will still probably use my fingers to cum but vibrators definitely make it a lot easier. I also realized I need more practice masturbating with dildos I didn’t think my pussy is that small but the photographer said that dicks are pretty big in the industry. I think that a pink dildo would be a good practice toy for me to maybe prep my pussy for the industry. I had a lot of fun and I think I have what it takes to become a porn star and I think people will love me. Excited to see what to come ūüôā

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  • Videographer/Photographer’s Comments: Contributor Shoot — No comments by Contributor. Back in November of 2009, a part time photographer contacted me, who wanted to shoot for FTV and had studied up on the site for a while. He had a girl who was his friend (or perhaps girlfriend?) who wanted to get into adult, and wanted…

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  • FTV Girls Maia Release date: February 24, 2018. Total photos: 316. Total videos: 110 minutes. This episode features: Dancing Scenes, Masturbation to Orgasm, Public Nudity, Toys, Unique Fetish. Watch (download) all her videos in HD quality in the members area.

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