Marley Playing with Glass Sex Toy

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FTVGIRLS MARLEY: Hi my name is Marley and I’m from Canada. I say that because it seems to be something everyone in LA asks. When ftv wanted to shoot me I really hadn’t seen much of the site so I didn’t know what to expect. Im out here from Canada with my boyfriend of 6 years so he is kinda helping me with my shooting right now. He and I met when we were very young it have just been together ever since. Hes very cool and supportive of my modeling so that’s great! Where I live in Canada it can get really cold so at times we are inside quite a bit. During those times he and I basically have lots of sex. There have been a few interesting times with us, like the time he let his friend fuck me and they were taking turns! Now we are trying to find a girl that we can both play with, so that should be fun! I would say that I had a very good upbringing. I was a private school girl growing up but I was always sort of the bad kid. I had good grades and everything I just never went to class and was kind of naughty. I had no underwear for most of my time in high school haha. I caught a few people trying to look over my years there. Lately ive really be into cooking and working out. My boyfriend is a boxer so we keep a pretty healthy, clean lifestyle. As far as the shoot goes it was awesome. I hadn’t been to a beach in California yet so it was thrilling to shoot there in the water. I was pretty proud of myself for my anal stuff! I hadn’t really ever tried most of the position and toys so I think I took it well! The public stuff was fun but it made me nervous at times. Guys didn’t seem to care but women were always looking over at me. I did NOT think that baseball bat was going to fit inside of me. That was crazy! Who does that haha. Well I hope you had some fun watching my scene and that I get a chance to shoot with FTV again. It was a great place to shoot for a new girl like me. Enjoy!

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