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When she sent me these photos, right away I though about how amazingly gorgeous she is. Almost 19, she turns out to have a rather wild side, even though she looks like that innocent girl next door. She sent these photos: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 — such a beautiful smile and big blue eyes… We start at a mall, and she has her cute friend Kimmie tag along as well. With security cameras everywhere, it was a rather risky shoot, and I tried to be as subtle as I could. We visited a department store, where she flashes her perfect breasts & nipples, and I try to get some upskirt on Kimmie too. Alas, Kimmie doesn’t want to do any nudes, but at least I tried my best to get her to participate. She is perfect eye candy and we’d love to see what lies behind the panties and under the bra. Maybe one day she changes her mind. The most daring was at the food court, where Mackenzie takes off her shirt to remove her bra, and believe me people saw. When they got frisky on each other, the guys next to us were definitely watching. Mackenzie doesn’t have a car, so Kimmie had driven her to the shoot. We visited a car wash stall, where she could get more naked, and we could see her body fully naked. I have Kimmie give her a breast massage, and spread her butt as well. We both try to encourage Kimmie to show off her cute figure, but she’s too shy to do it. I think you can almost catch a glimpse of her nipple when Mackenzie tries to bring her top down. We manage to get her panties off in the car though, but you can’t see the ‘good stuff’. The next morning, we see her in a cute bra & panties, waking up — and the first clip is all about teasers and her rubbing her sexiest parts. Eventually she really wants to masturbate, and what’s nice is that she wants to do it with her fingers. Her natural masturbation leads to a couple of squirts and an orgasm with visible vaginal contractions at the end. I also had a second camera angle to get the squirts and orgasm up close. The way she squirts is the natural way I think would be best if you were having sex with her — where she doesn’t make a wet mess, but little spurts that keeps you and her wet. Then its all about extreme closeups of her very pretty private parts, as she talks about her younger sex life. We shot this video a few weeks before Christmas, so the girls did a little Christmas shoot, and they love their shoes/heels, so that ended up becoming the theme. I almost got some good glimpses of Kimmies vagina since she wasn’t wearing panties, but it had to get edited out on video. You can still see… it turns into a foot fetish, then a shoe heel stuffing fetish, while Kimmie helps. Going for anal play, we see Mackenzie in a sexy blue dress & heels, then watch her finger her butt. Then with Kimmie’s spreading her butt cheek, she uses a bejeweled butt plug as well. Training her butt muscles, watch her push the plug in and out, She then ends up peeing outdoors, and its a pretty heavy downpour haha. Keeping her sexy outfit on, I have her try a strong vibrator like the portable magic wand. Its her first time using it, and she’s very apprehensive — but once its on her clit she really gets off on it, and has a strong orgasm — and squirts a couple of times. Knowing that she could probably take that big head inside her, I have her push it in, and try the g-spot vibration. Its pretty hot to see how she reacts to it! To finish off the shoot for the day, she then does a speculum scene (which she requested) and got to see the pictures of what her cervix looks like. So the shoot continues on part 2, and I hope I can bring this girl back, with her friend, and hopefully Kimmie changes her mind about shooting. Both girls have no tattoos… which is refreshing.

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