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So months passed before we got to this part 2, and she has a lot more confidence in herself, and is all about flashing again. This time it’s a cute, casual, girl-next-door look, though those short shorts are so small and tight, you can really see those butt cheeks! We went to a park, where she plays with herself on a park bench, then decides to climb a tree and flash some more. We can also see her do acrobatics on the grass, with more teasing and flashing. There were police cars driving back and forth (nothing to do with us) but by the end of all this we did catch their attention, and it was best to move on somewhere else. And so we go to a resort area building, and let her strip naked for some sexy shots uninhibited and in good natural light. This day was a lot sunnier and brighter than that day in January, so her sexy form really gets highlighted by indirect sunlight. Her firm breasts get played with, doing hard breast massage, then she tries penetrating herself with a large ‘pencil’. The thing is too big for her though, and it got interrupted by some people coming up. We head over to another resort, let her run around in the nude again, then penetrate herself with a different toy, fucking it and then fingering away. Back home, she masturbates with the Eroscillator Toy to an orgasm with visible vaginal contractions, and we get more closeup views of her pretty privates (She tends to giggle a lot just after her orgasm begins, notice her orgasm initiates at 2:28 on clip5, and it goes on for quite a while). Danielle happened to be visiting, so it suddenly turns super extreme, when Stoney gets to fist Danielle (she’s always wanted to fist a girl) and it becomes a very very hard, very very deep fist pounding of her vagina until Danielle gets to orgasm. In fact, I’d say it’s one of the most intense fisting videos I’ve shot in a long time. Stoney does like girls, and has been with them before. The shoot ends with a poolside scene where she dances to music in a bikini, then ends up getting kinky with the water hose, and making her vagina into a water fountain. Lia ‘helps out’, and even takes a sip of the water coming out of her. The rest of the day the girls play some water volleyball, and I record it. What I liked about Stoney was her candid, very talkative nature — she would speak her mind, and was very easy to shoot, because she was having real fun doing it.

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