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Nia was doing some fashion modeling, and she does come from a rather good family background, and its not like she needs money either; she’s got enough spoilage from her family. So why is she doing adult? She broke up with her boyfriend recently, and she has this daring, sexual side to her, and somewhat of a spontaneous nature made her decide to shoot for FTV. It’s sort of her breakthrough experience, that will probably lead her to trying more adult after this. She sent me these photos: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 – and I had seen some of her modeling photos, and knew that she was physically fit, as well as gifted with big naturals. Only that they are a lot bigger when the clothes come off; the clothing she wears hides the true size of that perfect pair. In fact, she’s got one of the most perfect, firm bodies I’ve seen in a long while. Sexy long legs, firm butt, and toned waistline all make her easy to shoot in any way I liked. We started on her arrival that evening, going out to a sassy mall, her wearing something very sexy/classy, but with no underwear. She was really nervous about public nudity, but I slowly broke her in that evening, boosting her confidence and promising some really good photography the next day. It was some real risky public nudity, and it got more risky the next morning when we continued the shoot with some amazing ‘fashion gone bad’ shots. The wedges she was wearing that evening were hurting her feet (even though they were hers) so we went to a department store and got her a nice black pair to use for the next day. Those breasts are glorious, aren’t they? She got a lot of stares both the night before and during this day shoot, it made her nervous, but it also brought out her personality. I really didn’t know what to expect when she would masturbate, knowing that she had never used a vibrator before, the Eroscillator seemed to be a good bet. It was successful, with her coming to a really strong orgasm and visible vaginal contractions. She’s also very wet, notice as she slips her fingers in, coming out glossy wet. She’s also very physically talented, those cartwheels and backbends look so sexy on her naked form. Imagine her doing splits on your dick… She wanted more of the Eroscillator, so she masturbates on the bed, has another strong orgasm, and I move on to getting closeups of her privates. Her clit really stands out, being prominent and pink. She also talks about her sex life (she’s been with only two guys in her life) and how she lost her virginity as well as her discovery of masturbation. Even though she’s had nothing close to the size / length of the Big Ten Toy, I knew she would be able to take it, and enjoy it too. She fucks it deep, on the bed, and with the Eroscillator in combination of her being fucked, she gets to another orgasm. She liked the dildo enough that she wanted to ride it, which she did and I filmed, it turned out to be very erotic, and she took it nearly to the base. The rest is her dancing to music (nervous about it again) and a little bit of interaction with Lia (and some nice breast massage and nipple licking). The last clip is an outtake of her when she arrived, and what she looks like when she’s in her street clothes.

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