FTV Melissa Having Fun With Watering System

This girl and many others masturbating in front of camera on FTV Girls website.
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Videographer/Photographer’s Comments: On day two, we see her in my favorite dress she had brought with her, and the cute sandals she wore the day before. In the outtake video further down, she had just bought the sexy heels you see she’s got in her hands. Believe it or not, she’s never worn heels before (with exception of her high school prom). It gets kinky right away, with erotic views of her penetrating herself with the brand new heels. That little vagina can’t take much in size, but at least it can take those heels deep. Then she puts them on, and models for us — she gets pretty tall with them on! Whether its the heels or her sandals, she’s got really cute feet, and looks good with anything with open toed shoes. Back home, she uses the Eroscillator Vibrator again, ‘her new best friend’ as she calls it, and ends up having another strong orgasm, with visible vaginal contractions. I think she mini-squirted again, or she is simply so wet inside that it started dripping out. She’s naturally wet all the time (or at least around me) that when she sticks a finger inside herself, its moist, and comes out glistening. She also gives us more extreme closeups, then some more anal finger play. No doubt, she’s not a fan of anal sex. We then see her at a botanical garden, and I had her wear a very cute summer dress. She’s had a nice night’s sleep, and is fresh and spunkier than before. Its cute to see her give us upskirt teases, then go up the stairs for a cucumber scene. The cucumber also is seen purchased at the grocery store in the outtake video. She has such an innocent look about her, but she does love the penetration. With her brand new dress we bought and new matching sandals, she experiments with a banana, but its not only too big for her — its also that her vagina is sore from all the penetration for the day. So she only got a little bit of it inside her. Going naked, the sprinkers turn on in the grass, and so she has more playful times with the water. That also leads to a visit to the FTV house under renovation (for some fun upskirt), and her skinny dipping in the pool. It also allows her to reflect on her two days here, and bring up some personal experiences when she started having sex at a very young age. The last video is the outtake video — some quick public nudity, and a little more interview, from restaurant stuff, to grocery store flashing, and trying out shoes — where she bought her new sandals and heels. Cute, innocent looking, and totally fun-loving type, she’s one of those girls that makes you smile the whole way through her shoot ūüôā

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