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Super cute blonde Kami is a total first timer, and FTV exclusive; she’s another pretty young, experimental and sexual type that had distinct interest in trying out FTV. She submitted these photos: #1 #2 #3#4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 and it’s always cool to see a model before you actually meet her! She was very enthusiastic about shooting, though a little slow on the instruction haha. I had to speak to her frequently and cut before she got confused as what to do, and you can really see the newness in her reactions. One she is not shy or confused about however, is her eagerness to expose herself out in public, and went on flashing her butt (what a perfect butt and legs!) to the employees setting up Christmas lights nearby at the resort. That is, until the boss which happens to be female showed up and soured things (and therefore time to leave). Kami started flashing the female boss, which is a terrible idea, and only has us packing faster. She was very sexually aggresive off camera, always saying she wanted ‘dick’, and kept staring at me instead of the camera. I handed her the portable vibrator, and she couldn’t orgasm from it, so I had her penetrate herself instead. She kept looking at me to use it on her, or do something more; I tried to be hands-off most of the time. She enjoys herself with the vibrator no doubt, getting a little noisy in that second location, making me a little nervous about who might hear. I saw the potential for near-extreme; starting with her using four fingers in her vagina from behind. What takes place next indoors was shot a week later; she’s done her makeup differently (a lot more) and she’s playing with a summer squash. She starts masturbating with it, and I ‘help’ get it in deep, locking it into her vagina. Going for DP, she fingers herself with one, then two fingers while its inside her. And she has some amazingly strong vaginal muscles; she completely pushes the squash out while squatting (probably thanks to her leg/squat training that keeps that butt in shape). Then she takes a little pee break, before getting back indoors for some more intense anal play. With the glass ball toy, she does things to her butt she’s never done before, and we get nice closeups of it all. She fingers herself with four, and then ‘winks’ her butt, again, thanks to those muscles. Some attempt at gaping as well. As the day comes to an end, she’s lying by the pool (enjoys the views) and attempts to fist herself. Close… and her friend tries doing it to her too, but her hand is even bigger. It happened to be the night of the supermoon, and so some of the photo/video of the ending shows that off.

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