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Model Comments: Wow! Well here I am, posing for FTV!! If you only knew how I got into this in the first place. Well OK I’ll tell you. I was with two of my girlfriends, and we had just come back from Vegas (because I just turned 21 and wanted to party) and I was at a girlfriends’ place when were were just browsing free porn. So we get more into the girl stuff, where the girls are posing pretty etc… Then we get to some girl who’s flashing her boobs out on a street, and it links us to FTV! We had tons of fun watching those free tour videos of the girls (being drunk you do that sort of stuff and its entertainment!) So I kept it bookmarked on my computer, and visited it for a couple of months here and there. Well, I got daring and decided to send my photos in and see what happens! Well I did get an answer, and it got all set up, and here I am! I live in San Diego, so the flight to Phoenix was pretty quick. What can I say? I didn’t know what to expect, but I was excited! I’ve posed topless for my ex-boyfriend before, just some fun pics in the bedroom, but I was pretty surprised how easy it was for me to do this! And we don’t start all tame, do we? Right in the middle of a flower patch, and I’m popping my breasts out like its no big deal! I think part of it is that I like my body, and I’m not shy about it in any way. The pics for me will sorta be keepers, so I will always have memories of my body in nice professional photos definitely worth saving and showing off. Even my mom can see them, she wouldn’t mind! My dad, no way, and my brother better not. But he likes the tattoo emo or goth girls like the suicide girls website. Masturbate & masturbate, yeah, I masturbate, not every day though, more like once or twice a week. Vibrators are the way to go! I get really animated and even when I’m having sex my guy of the season will say I’m pretty vocal or loud when I’m going to orgasm. Hope you love my body when I’m stripping down, I think I look good in these vids. I can’t say I’ve ever seen myself in this way, and FTV was the place to be do it! Just so you know, most of the time I don’t wear underwear, so its normal for me to be panty-free even if I’m wearing a short skirt. Bras, yes, I wear them often because my breasts jiggle everywhere and that can become uncomfortable. BTW, I got to eat at my favorite place!

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