FTV Girls Stella & Charlotte having Fun in Swimming Pool

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It was right towards the end of the last day Charlotte was over here, when she had the idea that her friend might be interested in shooting. She would text her back and forth, telling of her trip here, and how ‘awesome’ it had been. She asked me if I’d think she’d be a good fit, this girl named Stella. Here’s some pics off her facebook/instagram: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 — She’s definitely cute, and even younger than Charlotte, still 18. They’re good friends, Stella’s boyfriend is some sort of best friend of Charlotte’s, so that’s how they know each other. So Lexi set up Charlotte for FTV, and now like a chain reaction, here we have another referral, and another cute teen. The pleasant surprise was her big, firm natural D’s (seems like all these friends have big breasts, which I don’t mind, because now we’ve have a chain of four busty girls in the last two months). The arrived the night before, and Charlotte had given her a pretty good rundown of how an FTV shoot is, and they had seen hordes of tour videos together. The pleasant surprise was how comfy this first timer was to getting naked in front of me, let alone in public places, and willing to explore her sexuality for FTV. She also has a wonderful personality, and you can see the friendship chemistry between the two, starting right on location at the tourist area while Charlotte photographs here, and I record in ‘voyeur style’ getting upskirt views and watching her flash the big pair. In fact, I think she’s less shy than Charlotte when it comes to public nudity. I had picked this total girl next door looking dress that didn’t require panties or bra (her breasts are so perky and firm, they fit so well in that dress). The girls had a lot of fun on location, and things went smoothly, without any trouble. Even though it all seems ‘easy’, there’s still a lot of risk. Her breasts are out for anyone to see on the street. Notice the police car that drives by at 6:52 on clip1. Back home, we move to masturbation, since she’s a bit timid on masturbating in front of someone or camera, I put it on tripod and left. She usually finger masturbates, but it didn’t work out (pretty nervous doing this on camera for the first time, even if on tripod and alone), so I gave her the introductory vibrator — the Eroscillator. It brought her to a nice strong orgasm, with visible vaginal contractions (some of the most intense I’ve seen), and some serious pleasure in her expressions. She definitely enjoyed herself. Also notice how she stimulates her nipple as she masturbates. She has a really pretty pink vagina, and so I get the extreme closeups, with some long labia stretching, and notice how tight an ‘unused’ her vagina is (we try to do three, then four finger insertions, as well as gaping her petite vagina). She fingers her butt for the first time, then we focus on her breasts, for a nice, long hard breast massage in every way possible. Her breasts are big enough for her lick, and they’re fun to watch jiggle. Something about those kinds of breasts make you really want to go out and touch them, squeeze them… too bad I couldn’t. We then see her get kinky with her hairbrush, penetrating herself in the bathtub, and then using the even longer curling iron to fuck herself. Its pretty hot to watch, and its her first foray into getting penetrated beyond her boyfriend’s penis. It seems to me that she enjoys both clitoral and vaginal stimulation, which is the best kind of girl to have.

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