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Christmas In Aug?
Featuring: FTV Girls Molly
Release date: August 19, 2016
Total photos: 369
Total videos: 100 minutes
This episode features: Big Ten, Foot Fetish Scenes, Hard Breast Massage, Magic Wand, Masturbation to Orgasm, Squirting

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  • Model Comments There are a number of things that make someone who they are, like their skills, temperment, how they treat others, and their interests. I feel like most of these are better observed than told. Interests, however, are things to be told, things to talk about. It’s hard to convey exactly who I am…

  • FTV Girls Videographer/Photographer’s Comments When Bonnie first arrived at the airport, I was very pleasantly surprised at how naturally beautiful she is (two of the photos she had sent me; #1 #2). Though the flight had a really nasty 3 hour delay, I was happy to see that she had showed up. Of course, her…

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  • Tangerine in Pussy Tangerine in Pussy

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  • Fingering Ass and Squirting Fingering Ass and Squirting

    FTV Girls Melody & Harley Released: June 2, 2017 Contain: 182 pics, 65 mins of HD video: Anal Fingering, Extreme Closeups, Fisting, Girl Girl, Kissing, Long Labia and Stretching, Oral, Squirting, Vagina Gaping Closeups. Download all their photos & videos in HD quality in the members area.

  • Videographer/Photographer’s Comments: This cutie turned up in my email with these photos: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5. Then I asked her for a nude photo: #6. As Addison commented to me when she met Cassidy, that she sort of looks like Drew Barrymore. She’s a really naturally cute girl (though I wish she didn’t have…

  • Videographer/Photographer’s Comments Recently turned 18, and just finished high school, she wanted to start a softcore career in adult, and was referred to me to try FTV first, and see how she likes it. She sent these photos: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 — Then once we confirmed her age she…

  • Videographer/Photographer’s Comments Back out for more fun, we see them visit an ice cream store and get really frisky, flashing their vagina and butt, and sucking cream off their breasts. Even though there were employees there, and they were watching, they did not bother us. We then see them get intimate on a busy street,…

  • FTV Videographer/Photographer’s Comments As our second morning begins, I picked my personal favorite outfit she brought with her, the colorful blue dress and heels combo. It brings a lively element to her, and the short dress allows for easy upskirt views. As we start at a resort, its all about upskirt, and in her unique…

  • FTV Girls Violet & Eva I met Eva in my freshman year of college. We were living in the same dorm suite she was living in the room right next to mine. I remember the first time I saw her, her long beautiful dirty blonde hair was swaying just below her sholders. She has beautiful…

  • General Public Nudity Upskirt in Public Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys Dancing Scenes Massage(Hard): Breast,Butt Fetish Extreme Closeups Cosplay Long Labia & Stretching Stockings Anal Fingering Anal Toys Foot Fetish Scenes Download all her videos in HD quality in the members area.

  • FTV Girls Chloe TOTAL FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE FTV EXCLUSIVE Age: 22, Height: 5’4″ Figure: 34B-25-36 General: Public Nudity, Upskirt & Downblouse in Public, Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys, Kissing (Saraya). Fetish: Extreme Closeups, Other Stuffing: Faucet,Curling Iron,Hairbrush, Water Squirting, Water Hose Stuffing, Peeing Scene, Panty Stuffing, Anal Fingering & Toys, Big Ten Toy. Total photos: 380. Total videos: 107 minutes. Download all her videos in HD quality in the members…

  • FTV Girls Sandy Release date: July 13, 2007 Total photos: 236 Total videos: 102 minutes This episode features: Dress and Heels, Dressup Scenes, Extreme Closeups, Foot Fetish Scenes, Hard Breast Massage, Hard Butt Massage, Masturbation to Orgasm, Multi-Toy Penetration, Nipple Stretching, Public Nudity, Stockings and Lingerie, Upskirt in Public, Vagina Gaping Closeups Download all her…

  • Model Comments: Autobiography isn’t easy for me. I don’t like thinking about what others think of me. I rarely go out of my way to tell people who i am. Most people assume that i am an innocent young girl that is naive and doesn’t know herself. Let me be whoever you want me to…

  • Videographer/Photographer’s Comments Later we find ourselves in another office area where the two kiss and end up having a bit of a waterfight. The fountain water is questionable at best so we head back to the house to clean up and change. We see the girls again on a white couch engaging in some oral…

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