Double Masturbation with FTV Stella & Lana

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We’re back on the town again, this time the girls are wearing super sexy dresses & heels, no panties; even though the dresses are short, they aren’t too shy about it. They walk around busy streets, giving us upskirt views, then going to a restaurant for some more teasers. At a grocery store, Lana demands that we get some lolipops for a kinky idea of hers, then do more flashing at the stores. The video on this first clip is a bit grainy and poorly converted — it was a small ‘undercover’ video camera that had pretty crappy quality, but unfortunately I didn’t have my good ‘small’ camera at the time (and the big professional one would have been too obvious at the restaurant and grocery store). Back home, Lana spreads Stella’s ass, drooling over her butthole, then pushes a lolipop inside her butt. When it comes out, Lana licks up all the sugary juices, man that Lana is into anal stuff. She wanted to shove a second lolipop in Stella’s butt, but Stella was too nervous about that, and I kept her back from doing it. Man is Lana aggressive when she wants to be. When it’s Lana’s turn, she has two lolipops shoved in her butt, then uses her strong butt muscles to shoot them out! The girls then lick all the molten lolipop juice that fell on the floor… With a nice view of the city of Los Angeles from the balcony, the girls strip each other down, make out, then Lana comes up with them riding each other on the table. I introduce the FTV Titan Toy, knowing well that neither could use it properly, but let them use it as a prop. They end up attempting to deepthroat it, and ride it as well. Stella does get down past the head though. Another one of Lana’s requests was the mutual grinding against a Magic Wand, both desiring one but neither having one. So they end up griding hard, with Lana directing the action as usual, and them ending up with orgasms. Lana, as I found out, can keep having multiple orgasms, and loves to masturbate all day, so she goes for another round, and I get up close to see some incredibly strong vaginal contractions on orgasm. Then its time for a relatively large black dildo, and a nice ride against the strong sunlight. Each girl takes turn deepthroating it (surprisingly deep), then riding it, essentially ‘dick sharing’ the toy. But especially for Lana, it was the biggest thing she’s ever had, and rather painful to use (even though she ended up taking it deeper than Stella). At poolside, the original plan was for them to use the glass toy for more anal/vaginal play, but they were pretty tired out from it (and it was getting dark on this side of the hill), so I passed on shooting that, and let them do a little more breast play (and Lana had to pee). What I wanted to do before the day ended was to go to the Hollywood strip, where they could go and tease a little more — it was crazy how much traffic there was over there, people, closed roads, and no parking. We eventually made it before sunset, and it ended up becoming a little scenic video around the walk of stars, and their own little department store changeroom scene. And so ends a fun girl girl shoot with another pair of real life friends & lovers, the kind we focus on FTV — with their chemistry with each other and Lana’s wild & kinky side coming through.
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