Young Girl Shooting herself in a Changing Room

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Teen FTV Style

Featuring: FTVGirls Denise

  • Release date: September 12, 2009
  • Total photos: 318
  • Total videos: 105 minutes
  • This episode features:
    • Anal Fingering,
    • Big Ten,
    • Dressup Scenes,
    • Extreme Closeups,
    • Fisting,
    • Gym or Sport Scenes,
    • Kissing,
    • Long Pink,
    • Masturbation to Orgasm,
    • Multi-Toy Penetration,
    • Pigtails and Pink Room,
    • Public Display of Affection,
    • Public Nudity,
    • Schoolgirl Look,
    • Self-Shooting Scenes,
    • Squirting,
    • Toys,
    • Vagina Gaping Closeups,
    • VibraKing,
    • Video of Photoshoot,
    • Water Hose Stuffing,
    • Water Squirting

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  • Videographer/Photographer’s Comments Since she was a cheerleader, why not go to a park? There she does some acrobatics and things she used to (but isn’t that good at it anymore haha) and eventually we get teasers between her legs, and her breasts get exposed. Some guys, who where nearby started to watch — I was…

  • Videographer/Photographer’s Comments Scarlett was a last minute scramble of a shoot. LA has all of the big talent agencies and girls fly in to start their careers here. An agent texted me the night before saying he had an 18 year old that was completely new and we had to jump on it if we…

  • FTV Girls Videographer/Photographer’s Comments On the second day, the weather is a bit better, and brighter, though still patchy on the clouds. I wanted a beautiful, romantic location to start, and some cute innocent white dresses to match. Have you ever seen couples with their shoes off, walking barefoot on the grass by a lake…

  • Members Comments: Old School Love the girl, hate the tats. A pity. Since she dislikes Capitalism so much, I am sure that she refused payment for the shoot. MJ She is sexy and adorable. Absolutely love the pubic hair and love the peeing. Tall, slender brunette with small breasts, perfect trim and toned body, pubic…

  • FTV Photographer’s Comments As the day progresses, we shoot lakeside by the ‘pier’ and she’s wearing my favorite dress choice of hers, a long flowy thing that gives her sexy curves with those heels on. It starts with a fingering session by the pool, and her tasting herself, but turns into her first anal video…

  • FTV Girls Ariana Release date: November 28, 2014 Total photos: 320 Total videos: 70 minutes This episode features: Double Penetration, Extreme Closeups, Fisting, FTV Toy, Long Labia and Stretching, Other Stuffing, Public Nudity, Veggie & Fruit Stuffing Download all her videos in HD quality in the members area.

  • FTV Girls Ivy Hey! I’m Ivy and Im 20 years old. I’m a model from Oregon and I am just starting out with the adult industry and I wish every day would be like this one! I just loved how the shoot flowed, I could just be goofy and be myself and that made it…

  • FTV Girls Videographer/Photographer’s Comments: After the lunch break (where she does a little quick flashing and upskirt series at the mall), she continues with public nudity, stripping naked and walking in the nude as cars drive by near a valet area. Visiting another golf course to present her naked form to some more golfers (after…

  • Going Bigger Featuring: FTV Girls Arya Release date: January 22, 2016 Total photos: 375 Total videos: 108 minutes This episode features: Dancing Scenes, Foot Fetish Scenes, FTV Monster, Hard Breast Massage, Heel Stuffing, Masturbation to Orgasm, Public Nudity, Strong Orgasmic Contractions, Toys, Unique Fetish, Veggie & Fruit Stuffing, VibraKing

  • FTV Videographer’s Comments After a rest she was ready for some public fun, putting on a sexy short pink flowing dress that made it easy to do some upskirt teasing and public nudity near a busy freeway – you can hear the close proximity of the cars, and we had a few close calls –…

  • General Public Nudity Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys Dancing Scenes Hula Hooping Fetish Squirting Milky Orgasms Extreme Closeups Peeing Scene Download all her videos in HD quality in the members area.

  • Expressive Sensuality Featuring: FTV Girls Chloe Release date: January 27, 2017 Total photos: 380 Total videos: 107 minutes This episode features: Extreme Closeups, Masturbation to Orgasm, Other Stuffing, Public Nudity, Toys, Upskirt in Public, Water Squirting. Download all her videos in HD quality in the members area.

  • Second Day Adventure FTV Girls Mackenzie Release date: January 17, 2017 Total photos: 84 Total videos: 31 minutes This episode features: Big Ten, Dancing Scenes, Extreme Closeups, Masturbation to Orgasm, Oral, Public Nudity, Squirting, Toys Download all her videos in HD quality in the members area.

  • FTVGirls Alexia’s Comments: Hey! Alex here. I was born in the dirty south where everyone lives in rural counties and life just has a slower pace in general. My parents split up when I was very young, so I’ve always been a mommy’s girl. My mom was my best friend growing up… she still is!…

  • Videographer/Photographer’s Comments Back outdoors, we see her in a supercute, low cleavage white dress and sexy wedges, where her top nearly has her nipples show at the restaurant! She is very shy about public nudity though, so I pushed her ‘limits’ when it came to flashing naked outside. Walking around a resort entryway, we get…

  • FTV Girls Karlie’s Comments Me and my best friend who you don’t see on the videos came with me, and she had never been to Vegas! For her to see a porn convention was pretty exciting. Rob the photographer picked us up in a Limo, and we had a really nice room at the Treasure…

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