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On the start of this second day of shooting, I wanted to bring out her sexy, classy and dressy look. She had this long red dress that fit the look perfectly; and her sexy full curves could easily be teased in this outfit. We went to a fancy resort area, and started the shot there; starting with some teasers, her big breasts falling out, and her giving them a hard massage as well as biting her nipples. When she fingers herself, you can hear the juicy sounds, as she’s always wet in there. Is it my imagination, or are her breasts bigger today than the day before? I give her the portable magic wand toy so she can masturbate out here, and put the camera on tripod so she is not distracted by me. She gets to an orgasm, but again, it seems hard for me to see the contractions. The day is a patch of cloud day, so it gets light/dark multiple times — and since I’m not there to adjust the lighting on the camera, the image gets over/under exposed several times. Then I challenge her to put the whole head in, and she’s always so wet, that she doesn’t even need lube. She works it in, then turns it on. It works her g-spot, and she loves the feeling — and notice how the juices really build up around that toy. Once she pulls it out, she sucks off the juices, some ending up on her upper lip. Made me think of the ‘got milk’ ad haha. She also rubs some of her juices on her nipple, and sucks it off from there. Her being able to push that big head in so easily, made me think of the possibility of her being extreme… We then have her try some more anal, this time with the long purple bead toy. She starts out with some fingering and spreading, then starts pushing it into her butt. She had a hard time reaching and doing it on herself, so I ended up helping out, with Chloe filming it at some points. She ends up going very deep, way past the middle — and then I challenge her to walk around with it. Crazy stuff… Then back home, while Chloe plays a song she likes, Gianna dances to it with those sexy curves, breasts popping out — while Chloe dances in the background. They are a fun couple to watch interact with each other. The next clip has the girls interacting some more, partly on location after a lunch break, then them having a dildo fight. Ah, now I just need to encourage Choe to try shooting for FTV! Wouldn’t that be nice. It also leads to Gianna’s first step to extreme, using the FTV Titan Toy. As she uses it in missionary, she gets used to it over time, and starts enjoying it… I wanted Chloe to help pound her with the toy, but she feels like Gianna is too much of a friend to do that with her. So I end up being the one who pounds her, especially in doggy. Then I wanted to see her ride the thing, so we go poolside and she takes it even deeper. Yeah, she actually likes it, even though it eventually made her rather sore. She took half of that huge thing down… incredible. Of course, this is going to lead to a fisting attempt, and so she tries it out, slowly working her hand from behind. And she does end up full fisting, reaching in deep, and I had to help spread her butt cheek so you can see how deep it went. An extreme girl for sure… She does some gaping, but notice how quickly her vagina snaps back into being tight, you can barely get a real gape. Notice her knuckles are really red, from the pressure.

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