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On the second half of the day, we dared venture outside again, even though it was over 110 degrees. Heat has been rather excessive this month, and Charlotte was lucky enough to have just missed it on her shoot. We headed to a park which was pretty empty (because of the heat!) and Charlotte continued shooting away. She’s getting really into shooting girls doing FTV-style teases; though those pictures you see her take were on her camera, the ones you see on the site are my own work. I can always get her shots as a goodie bonus update if necessary, though she did a set of cute pics of her back in her hometown of Ohio, which is the 5th set you see on this update. So withstanding the heat, Stella gives us more upskirt views and downblouse shots, as well as play around on a swing and masturbate on a bench, but its the heat that took us back home. With some encouragement, she does a dancing scene, eventually getting naked, and showing off her singing talent. Its pretty good, and Lia helped set up this ‘karaoke’ mic so she could sing for us. Even better when done topless! More penetration ensues on the kitchen counter, but I must admit she’s got some sexy blowjob talents. After penetrating herself with the long dildo, she wanted to used the Big Ten Toy, but when I took some practice photos of her trying to ride it — it was too painful for her. So you only see a few photos of her barely getting it in. Instead, she uses a pink suction cup dildo, and can take that to the base. Its rather hot to watch her grind on top of it, with those full breasts bouncing and her hips gyrating against it. In the bedroom, she gets to enjoy the Eroscillator a second time (I ended up having to leave/tripod the camera as I was too much of a distraction) and she ends up with another really strong, satisfying orgasm with strong vaginal contractions. The lighting was even better for some more spreads and even longer labia stretching, and the topic came up of favorite sexual positions. I think we’d all love to have her in any of those! The day wraps up with more dildo play, and her using a butt plug for the first time. She cools down in the pool (she kept asking to do that throughout the day — but I said that the reward would be the pool only when we’re done). The topic came up of the girls doing a girl-girl sometime, but Stella has never even kissed a girl, and found it pretty strange to make out with her boyfriends’ best friend. Ahh, we can only hope that these two will do a girl-girl one day, Charlotte is definitely up for it. One good news however, Lexi may very well end up hooking up with Charlotte, as Lexi has a very lustful crush on her. Anyway, this shoot turned out really well, and Stella has that open, fun, sweet personality that goes well on camera, and only bring out her beauty some more. She discovered a lot about her sexuality today… Oh, and she does remind me a little bit of Alison Angel…

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