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It was early December, when she first applied to FTV with a bunch of photos: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7. When I met her in person, she was far cuter than in her pics, and had such a fun, sweet personality — she was genuinely excited about shooting. She had just started her career in adult, and FTV was one of her first shoots. She didn’t have that much in the way of clothes, but this one cute summer dress seemed to stand out. So I picked that with whatever sandals she had, and we headed out to a park. The weather was just right, but it also meant that there was a lot of people around at the park. No matter, this girl wasn’t too shy about flashing, and without any panties, we get tons of upskirt views. Soon enough, she’s raising her skirt, flashing her butt, fingering herself, and climbing trees just to tease us some more. Taking it a step further, she visits a grocery store and flashes everywhere, then picks up some summer squash — then visiting a car wash, she masturbates while the car gets washed, and even goes inside for more risky teasers. Definitely not shy about flashing in public haha. After a lunch break, she picks the Magic Wand Toy to masturbate with. She has the smaller, cordless chargeable one, but had never tried this larger variant. She has one orgasm, but her contractions don’t seem visible to me. I ask her to try again with another — two orgasms seem enough, and I believe her — she looked like she was really enjoying herself. Then I have her spread and expose her clitoris and do a mini-gape. She’s got a pretty small vagina as far as I can tell.. tight even with two fingers. As I learned over time, she’s extremely horny, and as much as masturbating gets her off, she wants more… as in real sex. She got rather aggressive on me, and I tried to hold her off with just the fingering. She rides that finger like she’s fucking a penis no doubt. To take off some of pent up sexual energy, I have her dance to music. Initially, she’s super shy about it (its funny how she isn’t shy about flashing, but dancing). She builds up confidence over time, and ends up doing a rather senusal dance to the music while naked. Its sporty time — and notice from her summer dress to her workout outfit, everything is rather conservative looking. That’s because she comes from a rather conservative family, and truth be told, she’s never worn anything too flashy or sexy. We visit a popular hiking area (Where people park on the street) and she flashes some more — and gets a little shy all of a sudden. Then to a tennis area/volleyball court, where she keeps up with the public nudity, and while the guys are playing, they act like they don’t see anything. But there is one older guy who sits down on the bench next to her, and just stares… so she gets a little bashful/uncomfortable, and we head to a canal area. She ends up jogging there, running butt naked into another jogger, and runs back. Then we head over to a nearby waterfall structure that is popular with tourists, and the lighting is ideal for some really pretty photos of her (and I get some of those headshots I like so much) — she has such beautiful eyes. It turns kinky with the summer squash, and she has trouble getting it in with such a petite vagina, but manages to get it in until a bunch of tourists show up, and she is literally caught in the act. At least the people acted like nothing was happening… I didn’t notice any anger. So back home, she uses the second one we had which was even bigger. The front end is simply too big, so she does the back end… and gets pretty wide & deep. It is by far the biggest thing she’s ever had. We continue with the penetration theme, this time with a brand new toy that had arrived that same day. She opens it up, to discover a rather unique double ended toy. She uses to it to penetrate herself deep, then try stretching herself out with double vaginal penetration. The sun had set by this point, and the lighting was not how I’d like it — just unflattering colors. The last clip is an outtake – her getting pee-shy, posing in panties, and having a dinner. We had to postpone the rest of the shoot until later, which end up being the following update, part2.

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